Medium’s Karmic Clearing



This Reiki is designed for people who wish to clear karma of any energy that runs counter to their personal reality. And who want to improve their feelings and messages.

Releasing Karma is simple: if you don’t have to live it, there’s no need to follow the energy you’re planning for the future.

For example, if you want to buy an apartment on credit but end up being lent money in another way. Indeed, rather than favoring the energy of work on the development of this objective, the energy will seem uninteresting to you for the moment following the work of this light.

If the soul is aware that, despite its desire, it cannot follow this energy, it will gradually evolve towards the creative patterns best suited to its situation.

When your soul is made to live something it will feel a feeling of sweetness, of happiness at the sight of the possibility of…. In the same way that most mediumistic energies will come to speak to you, you’ll feel more awake, stronger and more realistic about your situation.

Many things will seem simpler and more beautiful if you choose to know the energy dedicated to you. You’ll evolve in a feeling of peace and happiness whenever the situation suits you, and this will lead you to better choices, without stress or unpleasant insights.

Be the only one to notice a bad investment when everyone else is praising it, and take the initiative to stop choosing things that damage your aura!

If you have to follow a somewhat perilous path to realize a dream or ideal, sense when the energy is asking too much of you and stay on your guard.

Simple and active right from the start of the treatment, this Reiki will give you direct guidance on the paths to follow.

This Reiki is in 5 levels

The 1st level

will lead you to make difficult traumas easier to deal with, promising a real release of stress if you avoid creating them. You won’t need ice cream for dessert if running to the supermarket exhausts you and leads to a later shock, so handle things differently. Your aura warns you of great hardship to come.

The 2nd level

You’ll be able to keep smiling in spite of a difficult undertaking, by keeping the best energy choice for the situation. He’ll make sure you’re protected if your energy refuses reality. At the same time, you’ll be able to approach things in a more sensible way. If you have little, the energy will call you back to yourself in case of real danger and calm you down if the factor is less about the importance of the thing. Rationally speaking, it will evolve with each degree.

The 3rd level

allows you to better gather your energies to choose what you like without taking time to stress. It provides an immediate connection to the final feeling and increases your ability to attract the right karmas.

The 4th level

This level will make you work differently in the event of a sudden invasion of negative energies. If your unconscious speaks, you’ll feel tired of the idea of… but you’ll feel the inner block more than the impossibility of the experience. Your soul will manage to avoid straying from its path if the energy of avoidance is irrational. You’ll just have to experience the things you need to while accepting that your energy seems a little irrational. This can help avoid drama, anger and needless renunciation.

The 5th level

will make you a medium at heart if you work this Reiki with ease every day. By perfecting your energies with the help of this tool, you’ll easily become flexible, attentive and light. And sufficiently trained to correct karma to open the soul to karmic reading. It will also enable you to pass on this Reiki.

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