Mighty Love of Sananda – Amour Puissant de Sananda



This initiation gives you the power to love the energy within you, without destroying it, whatever it may be.
Whether we’ve had trouble accepting it or not, it’s there, inside us, and the test of love is a truth when we lack strength.
Sometimes you need more than love, even if it’s such a powerful force.
This gift from Sananda is love, discovery and sensitivity without drama.
Power and strength in love as in life.
I know that many people can’t stand strength, but love is one of them. Many feel rejected, betrayed, abandoned or unloved, and can’t hold on to power, so much so that the energies they have attack themselves.
Finding the ability and strength within ourselves is a need, a necessity if we are to approach life differently and overcome suffering. Living Sananda’s love makes us altruistic, gentle and loving.
This initiation creates an energy around you that will enable you to clear more easily in an innate way.

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