Money Reiki- Master’s Level – Money Reiki – Master’s Level


Improve your relationship with money and your financial management. Master level


Level 2/2. Also available as a 2-level package.

This system allows us to clean up our relationship with money, helping us to free ourselves from difficult situations concerning our management of work or the economic situation. It’s a spiritual energy of money.
When you are in harmony with this energy, you contribute to raising the vibration of money in the world, so that it becomes more generous, cooperative and egalitarian.

You align yourself with the intention that you can make money, with integrity, by following your greatest paths.

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme or a lottery system. But it does help us bring in the money and create the opportunities that lead us to success.
You’ll be able to eliminate self-sabotage in relation to money. If your bank account is often overdrawn, if you tend to incur charges, pay bills late, or have other financial management problems, this reiki can help.
You improve your ability to manifest money in your life.

This is the Master level.

By Stephanie Brail

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.