Multidimensional Selves – Soi Multidimensionnels


To reconnect all the parts of your Self.


This initiation is for the spiritual explorer who wishes to integrate his or her being and access greater levels of cosmic wisdom and awareness. Ultimately, it’s for anyone who wishes to experience and radiate a high frequency of Love and Light. The fusion of your multidimensional selves allows you to magnetize all your energy and power to a central point – where you are right now. The high energies of initiation also bring about a radical physical change in the human body. They speed up the existing process by accelerating DNA recalibration and cellular rejuvenation to enable the human vessel to anchor higher frequencies of energy and Love.

Initiation activates all your chakras into multidimensional portals.
-Activation of your Thymus Superior Heart Chakra – the gateway to Universal Consciousness and your multidimensional selves
– Activation of your Gateway Chakras (Soul Star, Zeal Point, Golden Heart, Earth Star)
– Integrating your Thymus with your Energy Body
– Initiation to the Integration of your other selves – multidimensional awareness
– Massive increase in intuitive capabilities
– Massive increase in the sensitivity of your energetic body
– Expanding your hearing range
– Great ability to retain a much higher frequency of love
– Synchronization with the Universe, resulting in much more frequent synchronicities
– …

By Satori Vibes / Paul Weeden

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.