Munay ki 9/9


Creator Rite – Rite du Créateur


Level 9/9. Also available as a pack including all 9 levels.

The Munay-Ki rites are ancient initiatory rites of passage which, among other things, help us to know ourselves better, to better protect ourselves from “negative” energies, to accelerate the evolution of our consciousness, to develop our potential and to realize ourselves more fully.
These rites were passed on by the shamans of the Q’eros people (direct descendants of the Incas) to Alberto Villoldo, an American psychologist and anthropologist. He has worked with them for over 25 years.

They have decided to pass on these rites now because they are aware that a new era is beginning. This means energy change not only for our planet, but also for ourselves. These rituals are shared with us in order to actively participate in this great transformation during this era of change, and to make it easier to integrate these high frequencies physically, mentally and emotionally.

9th Rite of the Creator:

By awakening the Creator’s light within, this rite brings stewardship to all creation – from the smallest grain of sand to the largest cluster of galaxies. Once you’ve discovered that Spirit doesn’t just work through you, but LIKE YOU, and that all creation happens within you, stewardship then becomes natural.

As you work with the germination of these rites, you’ll be touched and blessed by the angels. All you have to do is open yourself to the wisdom of the Earth Guardians, and all will be granted to you.


By Alberto Villoldo

Manual in English and French

You receive 1 initiation and a manual.

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