My Way Home – Mon Chemin vers la Maison


To reconnect with your original home, the one you came from.


This energy system is the answer to many prayers from people trying to better understand where they came from.

This energy system gives you access to the energy flows of your favorite home, the home from which you originally came, and your eternal home of divine will. The energy in these houses is fantastic!
It connects a person to the house. Home means very different things to different people. Many people feel they had an existence somewhere before arriving in this physicality. These and other people often believe that, whether or not they’ve ever lived on Earth, they’ve come from somewhere else. They may have memories of life elsewhere, or just a vague sense of being from somewhere other than Earth.
So many people over the years attribute part of their restlessness to the fact that they simply don’t feel fully at home here on Earth.

Some people are so eager to return to their original home that they can’t wait to go back. In fact, all you need is a current connection with it. It’s the feeling of being completely cut off from where you come from that makes you so unhappy and lonely.
By Amba?