Mystic art of Java shamanism 6 – Art Mystique du Chamanisme Javanais 6


It’s a system that connects you to the powerful Javanese shamanic energies ever offered off the island of Java. Level 6


Level 6/10. Also available as a pack including all 10 levels.

Mystical Art of Java Level 6- This sixth volume contains some of the highest techniques of Javanese mystical art. This is the advanced volume. It teaches you the right invocation which deals directly with supernatural forces, and their effect comes from the pure magical methods by which these forces can be controlled and influenced. It is aimed above all at people who intend to strive for greater fulfillment in life through the spiritual path. So get ready for the most fantastic journey in your life. This gives us a great power of invulnerability. The character of this power is defense. It will be active and work when you are in a difficult and dangerous situation. It gives you powerful hands to strike enemies. You’ll be respected and feared. It is very rare and powerful. The love spell is linked to passion, and you can attract the person you want to love you and make him/her love you. He/she will give you everything you want.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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