Mystic art of Java shamanism – Mystic art of Javanese shamanism (Pack of 10)


It’s a system that connects you to the powerful Javanese shamanic energies ever offered off the island of Java.


Pack including all 10 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

The program has 10 levels.

Level 1

Protection against sharp objects, fire, black magic, psychic attacks, entities and the ability to stun any opponent in a physical altercation. It also boosts your personal charisma so that everyone admires you, makes any man or woman you’re interested in love you, and lets you launch psychic attacks as needed.

Level 2

Fulfills all desires, cleanses damage from negative entities and destroys the negative entity, destabilizes the energy of black magic attacks and can be used to heal damage caused to people by them, attracts prosperity, good fortune and abundance, strengthens and protects your physical power increasing your invulnerability against sharp weapons, fire, physical attack, black magic and psychic attacks.

Level 3

Includes a superior love spell that makes people love you and help you in any way they can. It allows you to connect with and absorb the power of earth, air, fire and water, and to reproduce and absorb the energy of spiritual masters. It also raises your charisma level so that everyone admires you and desires your company, attracts wealth and prosperity, and draws customers to your place of business.

Level 4

Attract customers to your business who want what you have and can afford to pay for it. It also increases the power of your “iron body” and gives you the ability to absorb your enemies’ power so that they don’t have any when they try to attack you. It may be fatal for them, but it’s great for you! This level also raises your charisma to an even higher level, and adds much more power and attraction. It also offers massive protection against all forms of negative entities, and against physical and metaphysical attacks.

Level 5

At this level, you are authorized to pass on the initiation to others. It also includes a love attraction spell, made for your opposite sex to submit to your desires. It provides powerful protection. Its benefits include the ability to burn away negative entities, protect you, your home, etc., as well as healing illnesses (physical and non-physical), weakening your enemy power, defusing anger in another, and undoing the bad things others want to do to us. You’ll open and generate the magical power or supernatural powers of Anja Chakra.

Level 6

This sixth volume contains some of the highest techniques of the Javanese mystic art. This is the advanced volume. This teaches you the right invocation which deals directly with supernatural forces, and their effect comes from the pure magical methods by which these forces can be controlled and influenced. It is aimed above all at people who intend to strive for greater fulfillment in life through the spiritual path. So get ready for the most fantastic journey in your life. This gives us a great power of invulnerability. The character of this power is defense. It will be active and work when you are in a difficult and dangerous situation. It gives you powerful hands to strike enemies. You’ll be respected and feared. It is very rare and powerful. The love spell is linked to passion and you can attract the one you want to you and make him/her love you… He/she will give you everything you want.

Level 7

At this level, you receive a very strong power of invulnerability: no weapon can touch or injure you. You get powerful hands to strike even more powerful enemies than in previous levels, as well as increased charisma and a powerful attraction to others, so everyone around you will admire you wherever you go. The love spell is further strengthened to attract whoever you want. Great power is given to your palms, and this power will be very dangerous if it is used to hit or slap.

Level 8

You will receive a great energy of loving attraction, your charisma will be increased, and you will also have a powerful attraction for others, everyone around you will admire you wherever you go! You’ll receive fire invulnerability as well as anti-crime energy for physical and metaphysical crimes, travel protection when you travel to other places and the power to subdue enemies.

Level 9

This level has the advantage of destroying all black magic attacks, and you can use it to heal someone attacked by black magic. This level is useful for increasing your charisma. Attraction energies are further increased. This is useful for you as a marketer, store owner, business, man, etc., and more powerful than previous level energies. It is also useful for attracting prosperity, abundance, good fortune, charisma, love and sympathy, protection and more. The Rajah will invite a guardian angel to protect you.

Level 10

Everything contained in the previous levels is reinforced. It is very useful for protecting your home from negative entities, genie/djinn, ghosts, etc. It also offers protection against supernatural attacks such as Santet and Voodoo.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manuals

You receive 10 initiations and 10 manuals.