Nautilus spiral chamber energy – Chambre D’Energie du Nautile Spiralé


Thanks to its sacred geometry, this shell generates a large quantity of life force, bringing many benefits.


This system has a wonderful energy in keeping with the special pattern of the Nautilus shell, which corresponds to a symbol of sacred geometry. It generates an enormous amount of life force and converts negative energy into positive.

It also speeds up the healing process and can give us results such as increased energy, longevity, athletic performance, improved intuition, and much more. This energy restores the body by neutralizing mental illness. People suffering from physical handicaps will regain their balanced state. It also enhances our DNA strands to full capacity, you move to a higher dimension and connect to a higher Akashic consciousness intelligence. Its strong energy penetrates our bodies and helps us to enter into deep meditation.

It is therefore a good energy system for healers who can provide an energy booster in their healing session and accelerate the healing itself.

Vibrational energy also helps us to increase physical calm and relaxation, to improve psychological balance, to cope with illness, or to improve general health and well-being.

It is used for a variety of health problems, such as anxiety, pain, depression, stress, insomnia or physical or emotional symptoms that may be associated with chronic diseases (such as heart disease, HIV/AIDS and cancer) and their treatment.

By Maha Kamaleksana

Manual in English and French

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