Negative Entities Clearing Reiki – Negative Entities Clearing Reiki


5 initiations to cleanse energy bodies and houses of negative entities and energies. This treatment also provides protection.


This Reiki has 5 levels and 1 symbol. In the first 4 levels, entities or negative energy already present on the person are removed. In level 5, the symbol is placed in the Aura. It can also be used, and should be used, on the seven chakras and auras before starting the day.

Level 1:

It clears blockages in the energetic body and erases negative debris.

Level 2:

Cleanses the other levels of the aura.

Level 3:

It clears negative things from the seven Chakras, so positive energy can move more freely.

Level 4:

At this level, the person who receives initiation becomes a practitioner and can heal others. It can also remove negative things attached to the aura or its environment. It may or may not use the symbol.

Level 5:

In this level, the person is now a Master and also passes the initiations.


By Ali Afnan

English manual

You receive 5 initiations and a manual.