New Love, Light and Hope – Nouvel Amour, Lumière et Espoir


To be able to love, forgive and heal after being wounded and allow new love to arrive and hope again.


“The energies of this Reiki allow us to apply Divine Grace, Love and Forgiveness to heal those aspects of ourselves that are wounded so that we can experience New Love, Light and Hope. The energies of this system go beyond the limits that prevent us from basking fully in the sun of Spirit. They help us to forgive, to let go, to trust, to have compassion and unconditional love for ourselves and others. It helps reopen the heart. It brings the powerful energy of love to “Love heals all.” After regular use of this energy, the capacity for compassion, understanding, generosity, caring, sensitivity, empathy and unconditional love for self and others will be greatly strengthened and amplified. .

With regular application, we are able to soften and bestow love and acceptance on everyone, everything and ourselves, everyone.

This system is particularly useful and should be activated when you are:

– Dominated by emotions and feelings
– too preoccupied with the needs of others
– Putting others’ needs ahead of your own in an unhealthy way
– egocentric, angry, envious, desperate or having many negative emotions
– Expecting something in return rather than doing things for others out of love
– harsh, unsympathetic
– Unable to love yourself or afraid to love
– Lack of self-confidence and/or motivation/inspiration
– Unable to accept oneself, others, life, situations, circumstances
– Unable to forgive self or others
– unhappy
… ”

By Tracey Loper
English manual
You receive an introduction and a manual