New Reiki Usui 1 – New Reiki Usui Level 1


The same Reiki as Usui, recanalized to avoid anchoring symbols in the aura during initiation.


Level 1/3. Available as a Pack including all 3 levels.

Reiki is a simple form of energy healing that can sometimes seem confusing, as there are many forms, many symbols to learn, many streams of thought and ideas! With New Usui, it will connect you to the pure and simple energy of Usui Reiki. It’s not better or stronger than other modalities, but rather a more simplistic point of view than some. It was channeled by Ole Gabrielson through Dr Mikao Usui and appears to be the simplest of the Usui Reiki modalities to date. It has no long symbols or initiation process, but relies on the fact that Reiki is “intelligent energy” and will do what is necessary, whether we guide it or not.

By Ole Gabrielsen