Nocive Waves Reiki – Nocive Waves Reiki



This Reiki is designed for people with a Reiki degree or equivalent (or even a fairly protected soul level) who wish to free themselves from harmful waves.

People living in an environment easily polluted by waves such as 4G and 5G, wifi, etc… experience a lot of energy pollution.

Brain waveforms use the same electro-magnetic current to propagate.

This protection is also effective against mental dangers from outside. People who are close to workstations with computers, satellites etc. also suffer a great deal of damage due to the magnetism of the machines and the inability of humans to deal with these stimuli in a different way to their brainwaves.

So this protection certainly takes time (2 or 3 days) before reclaiming the ground in an astonishing, even exponential way: because it first opens up the energies of the self and lets in the pollutions so that the “sorting out” can be done with the shakti or the power of this Reiki.

Once sorted, your soul begins to avoid the waves more and more systematically, working to recover the range of initial energies used by the brain, unmixed with the pollution received.

This work relieves you from the very first days, but cannot sort out everything: you will have to use your inner strength to finish anchoring your energy within you and no longer disassociate yourself from it. But the power of this protection is real, and will necessarily remove far more invasive energies than before you acquired it. Here’s the result of my choice of energy: at the start, this protection only removed about 48% of pollution, but now I have 150 times less energy coming in with this protection than before, after 6 months’ work on it.

Transmitted by founder