Nur quadrat Riski Semesta


Connect to the Special Mystical Knowledge of Javanese Wisdom.


Nur Qudrat Rizki Semesta is a Special Mystical Knowledge of Javanese Wisdom. As well as using our intelligence, education and mental faculties to acquire prosperity and wealth, it’s also useful to use the superconscious mind to help us achieve our goals. This harmonious relationship can be established with the help of spiritual power from divine sources and the blessings of the Holy Spirit.

Using the Nur Qudrat Rizki Semesta will make it easier for you to achieve your goals, succeed in life, acquire prosperity and wealth as well as health and happiness.

If that’s what’s best for you, this system has the following powers:

The acquisition of a lot of luck from various unexpected sources
Progress in work, business, etc. These results in real success and wealth demonstrated in stages.
Problems, calamities and obstacles will be removed
Helps win bids, attract customers, increase sales, etc.
Helps the unemployed find work.
Inspires lucrative ideas.
Helps win lotteries and games of chance in times of need.
Helps you get progressively richer.
Inspires peace of mind, stability in the workplace
Bankruptcy protection.
Attracts luck from the four points of the compass, from the physical and ethereal planes

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.