O’hoponopono Reiki – Reiki O’hoponopono



Requires reiki 2 or equivalent

5 degrees –

O’hoponopono is a Hawaiian shamanic tradition.

It’s based on forgiveness, understanding mistakes and karma in order to free up as much responsibility as possible, understanding the universe, one’s own source… We’ve come to Earth to learn from our experiences through will, free will and conscious or unconscious choices, sometimes putting us in situations we regret, whether the initiative was ours or not.

The wisdom of o’hoponopono is that we are not only responsible for our actions, but also for our interactions: even if we are merely a victim or spectator of something negative, the universe is responding to something created within us.

By taking responsibility for our choices, even unconscious ones, we become capable of changing them.

I practiced o’hoponopono for a long time before receiving this system of release.

I’m delighted to be able to bring all the shamanic power of this system to bear on the rapid healing of your souls and those of your loved ones. Forgiveness and gratitude are the highest powers of shamanism and of the universe to achieve a karma that is open, understood and fulfilled.

Those who have had a lot of sadness will be able to get rid of the heaviest sentences by adopting a simpler reality etc… and many deep-rooted issues can quickly evolve into a better state of being and profound renewal if you practice o’hoponopono.

If you haven’t experienced o’hoponopono, I highly recommend the book, which I think is a very good work of wisdom and openness to this practice that is now recognized the world over.