Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis care


Release emotional disorders that can lead to osteoporosis.


Many people, especially women, begin to develop osteoporosis as they age.
This is often linked to giving a lot, without necessarily getting much in return. Like most deficiencies, not listening to ourselves and denying our needs can easily harm our bodies and our personal energy. Are you often obsessed with making your loved ones happy?
Do you allow yourself to retain enough for yourself, or receive enough for yourself? Is there an unconscious pattern of destruction or simply a hidden bitterness for others, leading you to abuse yourself internally to the point of emotional loss and biological lack?
Do you consciously push yourself to give more and more?
Welcome this healing energy, and do yourself and your family justice and what you’re entitled to, while making them happy to see you blossom fully. That’s part of the secret to strong foundations… and strong bones!

By Linda Colibert

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