Paradis De Lumière d’Etoiles – Starlight Heaven



5 initiations to clear the energies that prevent you from working the channel in the best way for you.

This advanced initiation offers you the opportunity to clear the energies in your channeling space, so that you can cleanse and work in complete serenity.

When we’re not sufficiently protected, when the place we’re using is carrying heavy energies, when we still have painful work imprints that prevent us from feeling a benefit yet accessible in our self energy, the power of this power, or shakti, allows us to clear all the unconscious, helping realism, as well as energies that go against the best for you and the people around you.

This work will help you, through its power, to easily obtain a soft, pleasant space, where the simplest and heaviest energies will be pushed back, and the others analyzed in order to give your channel and inner space a new look. I’ve been working with the new workspace for 2 years now, and I know just how much fun it is to use it, and how hard it is to do without it!

Being in the channeling space myself all the time, I evolve every day, even in the simplest daily routine, with magnificent energies that protect me, advise me and give me renewal as soon as the work evolves or becomes numb, because with each energy encountered a new reality is created.

This work is not accessible outside of channeling work, and is not designed to protect everyday life, but to work the 3rd eye more effectively. It’s divinatory and powerful, and uses the knowledge you’ve already acquired.

It is recommended to have already powerful initiatory experiences for this work, at least a Maitre Usui and Karuna level or more or a few dozen mediumistic treatments to integrate such work. Only an open and powerful 3rd eye can integrate it smoothly.