Parler à Wakan Tanka – Talking to Wakan Tanka (pack)



Wakan Tanka is the Great Spirit of the Amerindians.

For many, he is represented by a large eagle, an animal representing vision, clairvoyance and omniscience.

The Great Spirit is the strongest channeling of the ancestral knowledge of Amerindian shamanism.

It brings awakening power, knowledge, openness and respect.

More often than not, it guides towards the highest, wisest paths… the best for each individual.

The eagle is not only one of the key animals in the medicine wheel of Amerindian shamanism, it is also the Great All, the Great Healer, the life force, the most beautiful animal in their culture.

This teaching is in 3 levels for 2 booklets

The first degree enables you to understand the Christic energy given by Wakan Tanka and opens the doors to the sacredness of channeling the Great Spirit. It gives you the channeling basics you need to understand his work on Earth. He knows every destiny, every soul and every energy. Its purpose is to open you up to the greater whole. It will help you keep a keen eye on the powers of love, of understanding everything, and of yourself. His listening, his approach, will give you the powers you need to dominate your dueling ego, your strength and love growing as he guides you through the channel to read the guidance of his divine channel. Lost souls will find in him a comforter, a powerful guide, and an ascent to awakening and joy as much as the strength of respect and knowledge.

The second degree connects you directly with the spirit. It removes any energy that struggles against its channeling and allows you to anchor your energy directly in the divine channel. Far from offering you just that, it disengages any energy that seeks to harm yours unmercifully. It also clears any form of dream or illusion harmful to the self and the divine channel, through the will to be of wakan tanka, and forgets any energy created to lie to oneself, while retaining the soul’s love and gentleness for itself, without violence or harmful effects to the self and its respect.

The third degree will enable you to open up to self-giving, to the coming of a courage made to open one’s inner capacities to others, and this regardless of the love you have for the person, without judgment. Dignified and impartial, this degree of healing is beautiful for anyone who wants to help those around them. Heal others by asking for the strength of Wakan Tanka.