Patience Reiki – Patience Reiki



This initiation is designed to develop their patience and inner calm.

Patience is certainly a virtue, but it’s also an ability. Living with this is a gift to no longer let external constraints haunt us. When you have patience, you transcend what you can’t have. Most impatient people have a lot of emotional problems.

Sometimes our personalities take over to such an extent that it’s difficult to live certain phases of our lives. We promise a lot about energy at the outset, wanting to do better, but it’s true that sometimes it’s hard to wait.

If you’re happy but impatient, tell yourself it’s time to get over that energy hump. There’s nothing to hold you back. However, if there is a misfortune behind this problem, living it badly won’t help. That’s why Reiki isn’t there for nothing.

Knowing how to be patient isn’t about not being respected, it’s about being yourself without losing control or mastery. It’s about better identifying the best paths to resolution, gaining more control over the negative ego for greater awakening, and getting back on track when the going gets tough.

Living with love takes time, analysis and experience. For the impatient, there’s no point in experimenting, sensation prevails over progress. It takes us back to where we started, until we’ve found an inner solution.

This Reiki has 4 levels:

The 1st level

makes you the simplest person in the world by de-dramatizing difficult, conflictual or stressful situations. Your energy makes it difficult to live a sacred moment when everything seems blocked or delayed. The energy of this level works the soul in such a way as to channel the spirit in a different way. It has a direct effect on your central nervous system, guiding you towards relaxation and a relationship with the event or with others that will seem much simpler and more fruitful in terms of joy and self-transcendence. In addition to this, this level will simply balance the chakras so that anything that is not rational is gradually released without manifestation of the negative ego.

The 2nd level

makes sure you’re always connected to the best energy choice for you despite frustration, anger, impatience etc… Whether you can read inside yourself or not, it triggers automatically and helps you live the energy of patience better.

The 3rd level

deliver to you the energies of free will so that your soul prefers to make the choice of patience: if you’re afraid of having to wait, you’ll be confronted with the real choice of energy rather than the one you create for yourself by stressing over waiting. So your choices are more enlightened, and less harmful to your awakening.

The 4th level

gives you the soul keys to the state of awakening linked to calm and serenity, and patience becomes a fundamental state within you. Whether or not you have work to do, this Reiki will be there to help you achieve greater states of love, calm and freedom from stress. Your life will be more serene, whether it’s fast-paced or not.

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