Peace and Gratitude Energy



This 4-level Reiki is designed for those whose awakening wishes to deepen their gratitude.

Gratitude is a positive exchange with the forces around us and within us. It opens the soul, relaxes, accepts and allows us to let go of sadness, depression and lack of time, for example. For those who sometimes lack calm, this Reiki will also give a deep sense of peace, inner calm and healing. The body we are entrusted with for a lifetime needs peace. Any harmful signal can affect health. So it’s important to live well.

When we bring ourselves gratitude there is a chemical process in our neurobiology that allows us peace. If we don’t have access to it, we lose our morale and our health suffers. The ability to be grateful is like the ability of a flower to bloom: it opens up and allows us to feel all the happiness in the world. Gratitude is to joy what love is to contentment.

It offers new capacities for delight, gentleness and simplicity.

Available for 1st degree Reiki or equivalent