Planetary Rays 1- Rayons Planétaires 1


Balance yourself thanks to the Planetary Rays by integrating the attributes of those you don’t yet possess! Part One


Part 1. Also available as a pack including both parts.

This is a series of initiations in two separate parts.
Before 1960, this planet had been processing the seven main rays for 3.1 billion years.

Then, around 1970, something extraordinary happened on this planet. There were five new spokes.

These are the twelve planetary rays that exist on this planet. Each is a descending version of the original cosmic rays at the level of the Creator. This doesn’t mean they’re not powerful; on the contrary, they’re perfectly powerful for all of us here on Earth. Every human being is created from many of these rays, which give us our attributes. Each of us is stronger in some departments and weaker in others. That’s why it’s important to use the rays to balance yourself.

This first part contains the first 7 rays:
1. First ray: power, will and purpose (red)
2. Second ray: love/wisdom (blue)
3. Third ray: active or creative intelligence (yellow)
4. Fourth ray: harmony (emerald green)
5. Fifth ray: concrete science (orange)
6. Sixth ray: abstract idealism and devotion (indigo)
7. Seventh ray: ceremonial order and magic (violet)

By Chris Comish

English manual

You receive 7 initiations and a manual.