Post Traumatic Stress Release Energetic Device


To sever the ties that bind us to traumatic events, and to put an end to the after-effects they have left behind.


“This system was given to cut the links in our memory with the events that created post-traumatic stress. People who have experienced trauma in their lives will benefit from this energy system, which will enable them to close the door on the past and continue on their path. Trauma leaves behind inappropriate sensations and reactions, such as feeling unsafe in the world, a distorted view of reality and an emphasis on self-protection, even if this is not rational.

Traumatic events can be:
the war
natural disasters
terrorist attacks
the sudden death of a loved one
Kidnapping or abduction
an attack
sexual or physical assault
a neglected childhood
or any event that made you feel alone and hopeless
These energies will help those suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome to find peace and contentment in a world that has let them down.”

By Hari Andri Winarso