Pouvoir de l’amant cosmique – Cosmic Lover Empowerment



This power is for people who have to give a lot of positive energy to get their heart’s love.

It allows those with an open mind to receive the soul of the loved one and make them feel our heart.

This power uses gtummo bases and doesn’t allow us to receive more energy, but rather to better define our feelings and affects, whether for ourselves or for others.

It enhances the abilities of those who wish it, and opens the hearts of those blocked by suffering.

It enhances vision and opens up to gentle, loving sensations, reconnecting with the sensory and helping lovers to find each other karmically. The highest divine authorities come to help you accomplish your mission.

Your soul is then imbued with an energy of strength and peace that encourages others to open up to you. It can even give energy to those who have none. Open your souls, read within yourself, deploy this power and you’ll be at peace with the soul you love.