Pouvoir de Liberté – Freedom Empowerment



The Power of Freedom initiation is for those with a Usui Mastery or equivalent Reiki Mastery, and is created for those whose social independence has not been respected, or understood, and who wish to clear the sensory blockages of painful experiences in order to regain their inner framework and freedom without the suffering added by experience, framework or opposing energies.
Have you ever experienced not being able to think for yourself, or not being able to produce a result that suits you so much that your feelings are constrained by conformity and limitation? Who has ever experienced the feeling of not being able to free oneself from the feeling of being apart? She accepts all intercession to free the person so as not to negatively influence his or her future, and to remove any blockage linked to the sovereignty of your soul and self, as well as your guidance and open up the best of possibilities. Sometimes we have to go beyond many excesses or fears, controls, rejections, conformisms, certainties and beliefs to be able to free ourselves from the yoke of the old and rediscover the full action of our heart and our actions. In 1 initiation, this liberating power will enable you to live a solid, strong, open and creative life, far from the highways and byways. It’s up to you to choose and to detach yourself from nuisances and commitments that are useless or contrary to your greater good.

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