Pouvoir d’Isis et d’Astarté – Isis and Astarté’s power


When feminine power defends itself and helps us better tame the divine nature of protection


1st level: Isis

Isis, wife of Osiris, has long been the protector of male power through her divine magic.

Living on her own, she brought her husband back to life and enchanted the whole country to protect her lover. She created a world for him to live in forever.

Creator of life, she carries the child Horus, the falcon, who will be born long after the loss of his father.

Her magic of rebirth, reconciliation and power over karmic energy is such that she was able to procreate with a dead man, after metamorphosing into a bird of prey.

As the original mother, she fought long and hard against Set, the jackal of destruction and the desert, to preserve life.

2nd level: Astarté

Astarté experienced love long before the age of puberty.

Forced to have sex, she was repeatedly raped and abused. It took true love to release the traumas and fears buried deep within her.

Guardian of the soul and wisdom of the feminine, she is a warrior energy present in the sacred feminine. The one who defends love against all wills opposed to the divine will.

This is how most ancient goddesses generated power. By accepting what is, and living their own energies of power, they have forged their creative destinies in divine energy, never doubting the power of love.

Isis, queen of queens, and Astarte, dual goddess of the Near East and Egypt (considered the wife of Seth), are sisters in their powerful struggle to regenerate life despite extinction and violence. United in spite of their husbands’ opposite fates, they prove their ability to love beyond any duel schema.

United for this empowerment, duality having no course, they’ll come to you to teach you how to be yourself – and true to your love, unvarnished, with a divine will to protect what is beautiful and healthy, what is light despite pain and tears. To extinguish evil at birth by spreading the luminous, loving magic of feminine creation.

May this will and love enlighten you.

This initiation is learned in 2 stages. Make sure you respect your energy throughout this learning process and don’t fight against yourself: listen to your inner voice to choose when to pass them.

The first degree is Isis the Beautiful, the 2nd degree Astarte.

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