Pouvoir pour les Besoins Médicaux – Medical Needs Empowerment



This initiation is designed for people who wish to receive better guidance for their
their medical history and their right to live in their astral body, whatever the circumstances.
constraints, whether drug-related or linked to busy medical premises.
It is accessible even to people with no Reiki or similar training.
When our bodies let us know that our feelings have been suffocated by pharmacopoeias, the
medical or other places, this initiation acts like a balm that is accessible
immediately to relieve side effects and real pain, and also to facilitate the
such as operations, dental implants or other treatments, to cure the disease.
contraceptives and any other prosthesis or foreign body used for healing.
It helps to energize as much as possible to avoid intolerances, side effects, etc.
It helps the recipient get back on his or her feet and enables everyone to better manage the intrusive aspect of the
modern medicine to limit any impossibility of medical or surgical support.

Be careful, however: don’t enjoy using non-prescription drugs.
by a doctor or to an active ingredient that could make you allergic, talk to a professional.