Pouvoir pour couper avec le passé – Cut off with the past Empowerment


Breaking with the past, habits, traumas and unevolved consciousness, for beginners and professionals alike


This Reiki is suitable for all Reiki levels, as long as you are very aware of the energy work and can feel it.
It’s an initiation level, but it’s evolutionary and unfolds 4 inner initiation levels, the last of which can occur 4 months after initiation.
It’s for those who want to stay true to themselves, and leave behind what no longer resonates with their need to be themselves.
It powerfully deconditions the narrowness of daily life, the suffering that frequently recurs, and teaches you to live with renewal.
It acts on the subconscious, reprogramming and improving recurring problems. It generates new energies for those whose abstraction is no longer enough to open up the horizon of possibilities.
It is recommended for people who can no longer feel renewal, who constantly feel they are going backwards and can no longer change their habitual patterns of thought and emotional circuits.
Without hesitation, it propels you into states devoid of your persistent schema.