Prostaglandine Care – Soin de la Prostaglandine


To balance your prostaglandin system.


“The same prostaglandin can have different effects depending on the type of receptor it binds to. This means they can stimulate or inhibit certain responses in cells, depending on the receptors to which they connect.

Prostaglandins are made inside the cells they affect, while most other hormones are made and travel through the bloodstream to other cells and organs. Prostaglandins are responsible for inflammation. Inflammation brings more white blood cells and nutrients into the tissue. In the end, this means rapid healing after an injury. Initially, inflammation is a reaction of the immune system to fight microbial invasions that have entered through a wound.

Inflammation becomes chronic when stimulus continues to send messages to maintain inflammation. It could be an ongoing low-level infection, an allergen, free radicals or other contaminants such as pesticides that our body considers toxic and fights against.

This energy system therefore works with your body to maintain clear communication between the organs and the various body systems. Some prostaglandins are inhibited, while others function normally after activation of this system. Your angels, guides and guardians, in tune with the Sacred Eternal Source and your body’s natural intelligence determines which prostaglandins to activate or inhibit in different parts of your body.”

By Mariah Windsong Couture

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