Protection Chamanique du Père Celeste – Chamanic Protection of the Divine Father



This initiation is rooted in the age-old knowledge of Andean shamanism.

It is designed for people who have karmic knots, stress and other energies within them that are unwanted by their “inner voice”, but are unable to fight against their fears, experiences and limitations.

There are no energy prerequisites other than inner strength and native shamanism.

This work is the fruit of many years of introspection. It took no less than 8 years in reality on the soul to unlock all its “shakti” or “divine powers” or “shamanic powers”, because this protection acts on both the personal energy base and the subconscious, which protects a part of the energy not visible to the human in us, which contains the universal data and infinite knowledge of the source in view of the connections generated by the higher self, the divinity in each of us. Needless to say, this work is not only a strong protection, it’s also a new ability to love, to power, to launch shamanic energy without any stress or control.

This initiation will give you the keys to the table when you’re ready for a new adventure.

If you go to see someone, he’ll protect you throughout the interview. If you’re weak and tired, it will attract the right emotions to you and remove deep-seated fears from the path to your self. It will open the doors to your soul and help you discover new, unsuspected resources.

It will take some work to get this happy relationship with your existence, but the work you learn will always end up bringing you respect, awareness and happiness.