Protection du travailleur en équipe – Teamworker protector



This protective shield enables those who use it to prevent the negative effects of the collective in which it is immersed. To be able to use this shield, you need to have passed the energy level required for its apprenticeship, to be at least a Reiki Master or equivalent, and to use many energies. It keeps us smiling, respectful and organized, so that we can evolve in an energy that allows each of us to nurture the energies of work and exchange possible between the various parties involved in a situation. He ensures that everyone works independently of the receiver, and opens his or her perceptions to respect the receiver’s work. It opens up spiritual energies of command, simplicity and foresight, to avoid the problems inherent in group work.
It cleanses relationships and non-inclusive anchors that prevent exchange, and develops the energies needed for good social intelligence and relationships. It protects against jealousy, mass effect, fear of failure and the energies of closure and violence. It provides a better insight into group work and working relationships. In the private sphere, it helps with organizational work, preventing the invasion of the work sphere into private life and facilitating a break with the energies of work.
And more… in 3 levels