Punishment Flush – Release from Punishment


To get out of the habit of self-flogging and beliefs that you’re not worthy of receiving the best.


“The idea of being punished for wrongdoing is deeply rooted in all cultures. If you’ve ever been punished, there could be imprints in your mind and body. These marks of punishment on you can prevent you from accessing your merit of self-realization. This system will rinse away the imprints of punishment that limit your ability to attract good to yourself. Many people think they deserve to be punished even for unkind thoughts. Others have subconscious memories of punishments that occurred in other times and places. The bodies retain memories of ancestral punishments.

This system helps you to free yourself from these known and unknown limitations within yourself. . When you’re threatened with or receive punishment, it can be perceived as you not being worthy. This message of unworthiness can be received by your body, your mind or your spirit. In this way, there’s a kind of record of shortcomings, a reason within yourself that points the finger at you, saying you don’t deserve this or that good thing.
This energy can help you increase your self-love, reduce or eliminate self-flogging, clear the imprints of punishment, regain personal power and authority over your life, accept your Divinity, your right to be free and respected, and many other benefits.”

By Mariah Windsong Couture

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.