Pyramid Reiki Master Empowerment – Pyramid Reiki


To harness the energy and power of the pyramids.


“Pyramids are useful for amplifying a powerful healing vibration. By combining pyramid power with Reiki, we can channel higher levels of energy.

Orgone energy is “the higher power we can use”, also called life force / Chi / Prana and many others, the living cosmic energy of nature present everywhere. This cosmic force is a massless, spontaneously vibrating energy that fills the Universe in enormous quantities. Orgone energy fields can be amplified by using a pyramid structure to channel and anchor these higher energies in our lives. Pyramid energy is also known to increase psychic capacity, health and well-being, and to aid sleep, concentration and stress relief.

The pyramid is also believed to have the power to return things to their natural state. This could help us regain what we’ve lost over many lifetimes. The power of the pyramid is intrinsic to its shape, which has proved effective as a geometric accumulator and amplifier of strong energetic forces. Placing crystals in the form of geometric energies within the pyramid dramatically increases overall energy as they mix in a unified network. This transmuting pyramidal energy also manifests a powerful vortex of spiraling healing energies, which will then interact with the chakras of the human body.”

By Alaya
English manual
You will receive an introduction and a manual.