Quantum purification Healing – Soin Quantique de Purification


This powerful energy evacuates negative energies and stress of all kinds while purifying and reorganizing what is disordered.


Enhances concentration and decision-making. Excellent against bacteria and viruses.
Quantum Purification Healing is used to purify and detoxify mind and place. It’s about healing on every level. Placed around computers and the workplace, it helps reduce stress and relieve negative forces. It is very good for clearing cellular memories and the nervous system.

Quantum Purification Healing allows us to let go of everything. We can forget all our worries and enjoy the surroundings. It helps you get out of ruts. Quantum Purification is also a good physical energy healer, protecting against infection by purifying the body, cleansing the mind and eliminating almost any virus or bacteria. Effective for auric cleansing and reaching a deeper state of meditation.
Disorganized, confused, unorganized? Use these beautiful energies to heal what ails you in your own life and at home as well as in your office or business. It can also seal tears in your energy field caused by past/present/future trauma.

By Hari Andri Winarso

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.