Rainbow Light Healing System 5 – Rainbow Light Healing System 5


The Arc En Ciel light will cleanse and align your chakras, removing unwanted energies and replacing them with new vibratory frequencies. Level 5


Level 5/7. Also available as a pack including all 7 levels.

“It is my belief and hope that through these simple but highly effective initiations which are all based on the concept of working with Light energies by channeling rainbow energies you will help accelerate your spiritual progression through the cleansing, alignment and balancing of your chakras, meridians and auric fields. Each initiation into the rainbow light series will also work on healing specific areas in your life by removing all unwanted energies and thought patterns so that they can be replaced by the new vibrational frequencies you will accept into your life.” Jay Burrell

Level 5 – The empowerment of the rainbow cocoon

The Rainbow Cocoon is a new energy frequency given to us to help us in times of transition and personal and spiritual transformation. A spiritual transition/transformation can happen at any time when you make a conscious choice to release old energy patterns and thought forms. It is through this spiritual connection that we will receive downloads of spiritual information which will then be stored in the subconscious mind. These downloaded messages are then slowly released where they filter through your subconscious until they finally reach your conscious awareness as a moment of clarity and an awareness that something has changed inside you.

By Jay Burrell

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You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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