Rainbow Light Healing System – Rainbow Light Healing System (Pack)


The Arc En Ciel light will cleanse and align your chakras, removing unwanted energies and replacing them with new vibratory frequencies.


Pack including all 7 levels. Also available in levels sold separately.

“It is my belief and hope that through these simple but highly effective initiations, which are all based on the concept of working with Light energies by channeling rainbow energies, you will help accelerate your spiritual progression through the cleansing, alignment and balancing of your chakras, meridians and auric fields. Each initiation into the Rainbow Light Series will also work on healing specific areas in your life by removing all unwanted energies and thought patterns. These can then be replaced by the new vibrational frequencies you accept into your life”. Jay Burrell

Level 1

This system uses the 7 main colors of the rainbow, which correspond to the 7 chakras in the human body. By channeling etheric rainbow energy and colored light into the chakras, it will help bring balance and harmony to them. Simply by visualization/intention or by placing your hands on your chakras during a healing session, you can use this color energy to help heal the chakras and auditory layers.

Level 2 – Empowering the rainbow dove

Thanks to this initiation to the Rainbow Dove and the continuous use of energies, you’ll learn to call on the Rainbow Dove in times of need. The energies of the rainbow dove help dissolve all negative emotions and thought patterns by flying through your entire chakra system forming a vortex of energy around you. Clinging to negative thought patterns will not only ruin your personal life, but can also affect your energy field and chakras, which in turn can hinder your spiritual growth. Through the regular use of these energies, and through the heart’s intention to release these thought patterns, the rainbow dove can and will work very quickly to help you with this release.

Level 3 – The empowerment of the rainbow skull

This empowerment helps create a more centered state of awareness, releasing old blockages and freeing trapped emotional energies so they can be replaced by love, serenity and a truly elevated state of spiritual awareness. Through this awakening, the energies of the rainbow skull will activate specific vibrational frequencies in your etheric body to help you add more light to your daily thoughts, words and actions. You’ll also learn some very special mantras that can be chanted when working with these energies.

Level 4 – The empowerment of the rainbow pyramid

This energy will help you increase your own personal energy levels, sharpen the power of your chakras, enhance your intuitive abilities and help develop all the psychic abilities that reside within you. It is now through the energies of the Rainbow Pyramid that you will learn more about the art of protection and energy awareness, using the ancient symbol of the Pyramid to form an etheric structure around your physical and spiritual being in order to achieve this new state of consciousness and spiritual protection.

You’ll also learn about the many etheric pyramids you can create and how to connect with the powerful energies of Archangel Michael to help you in your spiritual and personal protection against any form of negative energy that is either created by your own consciousness or by the attack of another person.

Level 5 – The empowerment of the rainbow cocoon

The Rainbow Cocoon is a new energy frequency that helps us in times of transition and personal and spiritual transformation. A spiritual transition/transformation can happen at any time when you make a conscious choice to release old energy patterns and thought forms. It is through this spiritual connection that we will receive downloads of spiritual information which will then be stored in the subconscious mind. These downloaded messages are then slowly released where they filter through your subconscious until they finally reach your conscious awareness as a moment of clarity and an awareness that something has changed inside you.

Level 6 – Rainbow Diamond Lighthouse Body Activations

This unique healing modality is a simple-to-use system that works by giving you the ability not only to realign your auric field but also to give you a unique energetic connection to the Ascended Masters, Gods, Goddesses and Archangels. There are 10 activations.

Level 7 – Angelic orbs of light empowerment

The Angelic Orbs of Light Empowerment have been channeled for practitioners who work specifically with Angel energies and who are not adapted to or connected with Usui Reiki energy frequencies.

Creating an Orb of Angelic Light is a process that will enable you to create a Sphere to contain the Healing Energy, Love, Light and Protection of the Angels. This Orb of Light can be sent to a recipient, and the energy it contains will remain in the Sphere, until the recipient calls the Sphere and receives the energies. This enables the recipient to mentally and spiritually receive the Orb’s vibratory energies at any time and on many occasions. This level contains 26 angelic orbs

By Jay Burrell

English manual

You receive 7 initiations and 7 manuals.

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