Ray of Psychic Super Abundance



This ray has been channeled for those whose abundance is so difficult to install in their daily life, worldview or routine that they constantly lose faith. It’s important to understand that abundance isn’t just good energy that protects us from money problems. It’s a state, a constant feeling of trust in the universe and in oneself.

But also a total absence of sadness, ill will and even arrogance. It can change the energies buried deep within us that prevent us from creating the best for ourselves. This deep feeling of abundance is provided by the universe to make us understand that up there we are deeply loved.

That the soul we have can let go and accept existence rather than generate fears, anxieties, personal violence to work out something to do. If we experience our emotions badly, this forms a vicious circle of non-acceptance and will to stress, which creates lack, fear, doubt and lack of realism.

Abundance is the very source of confidence and self-respect. Any will to the contrary does not respect the source. All is love and the rest is lost in the work on abundance. All that is blocked within you will be eliminated if you agree to change.