Reiki against Overweight



This reiki will help you find the inner resources to lose weight.

Dealing with self-esteem worries, putting bad times aside. Put the habits that cripple our success behind us and better manage our ego and awakening.

The first degree manages our compulsive eating, our habit of letting ourselves go, and our loss of inner strength.

Most of the time, the fear of living badly is the root and cause. But our awakening is free to evolve thanks to this shakti, which relaxes areas of stress or malaise that want to fight back out of compensation, lack of faith, fear of wasting time or lack of joy in doing the work. Invigorating, energizing, this energy recreates a serene space for your desire to be loved anew on the inside, without self-deprecation or discomfort.

It will also deal with the self-imposed violence of losing weight. No energy that attacks us can really make us evolve. We act out of love, not disgust, fear or prejudice.

The second degree
calls upon the forces within you to create the life you want.

With the energies of this level, you’ll simply reach your goals! The chosen strategy becomes apparent, simpler, more lucid and without any lingering ego problems.

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