Reiki Anti Neurosis



This reiki is designed for reiki masters who wish to detach persistent neurosis or even neuroticism from their daily lives or those of people around them.

Neurosis is linked to focusing only on the negative.

We often wish that these negative points would go away, and we think that to do so we’d have to “grumble” about our problems in order to register that we don’t agree with them.

This is because we understand the fear, but we don’t have the solutions.

Neurosis is first and foremost energy work, aimed at diffusing the harshest energies by focusing on them.

Instead of remaining at peace, we increase our malaise by keeping our mind on a mental path that allows all the heavier emotions to take over and sink the other energies. It’s a job of destruction “for realism’s sake” that has no place in anyone’s best interests, especially since this famous realism is only destined to look at the ditch while you drive instead of your road…

We go where we look!

We bury ourselves in discomfort, bury others with us, and anguish over a whole host of things that deserve good vibrations instead of fears and bad vibes. This is how the infernal circle of doubt is formed, with egotistical pressures refusing to evolve because “you never know”…

Level 1 integrates the higher consciousness of each individual into the work of the soul, and provides the strength needed to live with one’s needs. Then he opens his heart so that all sad energy disappears and is transformed into personal power…

It removes any sense of doubt if you’re prepared to assume that it’s useless for decision-making!

Level 2 incorporates the patience to see projects through, and intercede if necessary for everyone when the need arises. It’s designed to communicate. It will give you the strength, peace and calm you need to bring things back to the way they should be, so as not to make things worse all the time, and by making things normal to make them evolve in a positive way rather than undermining them. It will help everyone to live according to their soul and heart, according to their needs, without working for the evil and neurosis in us.

The 3rd level plunges you into the strongest kundalini so you don’t have to argue about bad astral planes.

It will keep you away from other people’s fears, but it won’t force you to make decisions… you’ll have to be willing to live with simple realities… living together is certainly hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun, and it’s not useless to work for others, because our brains welcome everyone’s work of simplicity.

The 4th level removes all power from the extreme, from the specialist’s neurosis. The one who doesn’t remove any bad energy but is quick to jump on the good ones to condemn them. It also opens the souls of the righteous so that they can better relive the realistic, open-ended pains of the self, not the avoidances and fears of living. It enables the real anti-neurosis work, which is the abandonment of the belief that drawing attention to bad things makes them resolve themselves, when in fact most energies don’t rise in vibratory level and remain condemned to the state of observation. So it’s with pleasure that the universe draws us towards what we create through neurosis and fear, because we want it with all our attention and remain focused on it! In this way, everyone will see their future becoming sadder bit by bit, if they don’t admit that happiness is within reach of those who wish to move in a positive direction.