Reiki Diamant de l’Ascension – Diamond Reiki for Ascension



This Reiki is more than a connection to light and to the diamond telluric grid (adamantite).
It connects the karmic energy blocking you with the luminous Reiki energies you already have on it, selects them, amplifies them through telluric magnetism, and sends the karma back as open as possible to unlock problems of conception, belief, and negative patterns.
Then, when you live your daily life in the clear, specific guidance is much better channeled, supported and, above all, deeply understood.
Much less stress in understanding, adverse consciousness, confusion and loss of strength and energy.
This reiki promotes your ascension and enables you to unblock painful undertakings with respect as well as with self-sacrifice, strength and conviction as needed, depending on the realities of the need and the reality pattern understood or to be recreated.
Entities don’t choose for you with this channel.
Neither do emotional needs.
Abandoned, septic, fearful patterns easily disappear.
After 5 years of using other diamond reiki, I preferred to rework these rays with the telluric connection and include a true cosmic in the generation of karmic energies, not always being able to easily unlock erroneous or unhealthy creation to open up the field of possibilities – and hope for a miracle.
For all of us, the Diamond Grid is all about energetic wholesomeness. Beyond awakened observations, act with aplomb, strength and originality whenever you want.
Generate diamond light on karmic energy naturally and wrap your karma in telluric energies so that ascension is natural.

Avoid wounds, etheric suffering and loss of reality. Don’t let low energies corrupt your divine energies, and go on to ascension protected and in peace.
5 levels including 1 for transmission, preferably initiated for reiki masters and above.