Reiki for Letting Go



This Reiki is suitable for all those who have not yet been able to live, and are constantly forcing themselves to a constant energy of strength while carefully avoiding living the well-being of all.

Most of them are sad at the end of the day, because they’re not free under the weight of conditioning, and few feel they’ve done well.

The virtues of letting go are often linked to a good energy reading, contrary to what dogma has established.

You have to be free to have love.

And this inner freedom is achieved through letting go and inner strength.

That’s why I’m so much happier with this job than I was before.

The first degree allows us to break with bad habits and over-stressed reactions that don’t allow us to take a step back and give us the impression of being “forced” to go through an imperative or a conditioning, a habit… It integrates your desire to do the right thing and keeps it the best it can be. However, it doesn’t allow you to do violence to yourself to achieve this, it looks for calm, listening to yourself, and takes as its basic principle a real work of realism to rebuild balanced and lucid schedules. It provides courtesy and method to those whose stress has become so great that even friends seem unexpected and therefore disturbing!

The second degree promises a beautiful energy of well-being when you’re at your wits’ end, your soul is cracking and you’ve run out of solutions. It’s important to understand that letting go is totally normal when you can’t think or act properly. Everyone’s choices should be made in total freedom. This avoids the dramas, fears and refuges of the negative ego, in addition to the dose of unnecessary stress and constant lack of faith linked to the enormous loss of energy when we can’t find refuge within ourselves. It will abandon projects that are too hard or long on prospects at times, but will allow real inner “satiety”.