Reiki for the Skin – Skin Reiki



Many people think of the skin as an organ. It has a strong impact on our energy and makes us very sensitive beings compared to many earthly lives.
It is linked to touch, one of our main senses, which in turn is linked to the heart chakra.
Our skin interacts with everything around us.
The most beautiful energies we receive come from our sensations, and most of them are felt through our skin. We are therefore beings moved by a rare sensitivity thanks to it, and our senses have an infinite gentleness if we know how to cultivate their energy correctly.
Most of the energy patterns we hold are dysfunctional if they don’t listen to our deepest sensibility.

Level 1 cleanses the energy of the dermis and refreshes cells damaged by skin problems.

Without tugging, it thoroughly cleanses this area before moving on to another part of the body.

Level 2 increases the effect of the first level tenfold, affecting the epidermis to link the treatment to the problem of irrigating the stress linked to the problems and their symptoms.

Basically, don’t expect to heal without understanding how energy is renewed, but on the other hand, acting in depth against the stress caused by painful sensations can only accentuate the emotion that will give you the key.

Level 3 powerfully clears skin problems so that they stop attacking you, and releases the energy at the source of this self-aggression.
Your energy system will react normally to this aggression, so that the energy no longer flows normally and you no longer respond to it as if it were normal for you.
Don’t expect to spend the holidays with your family if the mere mention of it “gives you pimples”!

Level 4 transmits the energy of automatic guidance.

If anything remains to be cleaned, the treatment will start automatically.

It also prolongs the effect of the treatment, awakening your cells for better healing and managing the transition to healthy cells.
If you wake up one morning to go to work, the energy will be triggered. If your skin is attacked by the sun, it will also work.
In the event of a blow, injury, burn or other event, the system is activated. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself!

Level 5 enables this Reiki to be passed on.

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