Reiki Grandmaster Course 5 & 6 – Reiki Grandmaster Course 5 & 6


To go further, after the basic levels of Reiki Usui. Level 5 & 6

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Level 5 & 6/20. Also available as a pack including all 15 levels.

These levels of Reiki are not part of the traditional Usui Reiki system, nor of the teachings of Reiki founder Mikao Usui, but they have very deep and powerful energies.
They are called secret grades and or higher master grades. These energies are absolutely incredible to work with and very easy to use.
These powerful initiations include symbols that are “channeled symbols” transmitted by Spirit for the benefit of humanity.

Reiki Grand Master Levels 5 and 6

The 5th degree is called “the great harmony” and the 6th degree “the great harmony”.

It provides marvelous visualization techniques and enables remote healing channeled through symbols.

This system also includes the technique of frequency elevation. There is information included about healing for groups.

By B. Muller

English manual

You receive 2 initiations and a manual.

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