Reiki Kundalini (degree pack 1-3)


Awaken your kundalini by cleansing, opening and strengthening your chakras.

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Kundalini energy (known as “Kundalini Fire”) is the universal energy that fills our Being. This energy rises in the Sushumna Channel (Light Channel) from the Root Chakra (at the base of the spine) to the Crown Chakra (above the head).
At birth, this channel is open, so you have access to this energy. Life experiences can lead to a tightening of this energy channel or a blockage of the chakras. This can lead to a number of physical manifestations, such as back pain, digestive problems, allergies and a significant drop in sexual energy. Emotional problems can also result, leading to anxiety, anger, depression or a lack of desire to live.

Reiki Kundalini , in 3 levels, is an effective way to cleanse the chakras and open and strengthen the body’s energy channels. It therefore helps to gently awaken the Kundalini.

Level 1

It works on blockages of all the chakras, but especially those of the Root Chakra. The Light Channel from the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra is cleansed and prepared for the Kundalini Energy to awaken at the 2nd level…
The Heart Chakra opens and the energy channels leading from the Hand Chakras up to the Crown Chakra are released, facilitating the circulation of Reiki Kundalini energy.
At this level, you’ll be able to self-treat and treat others with this energy.
You’ll also learn how to do Karmic cleansing and work on situations.

Level 2

The energy received at level 1 is strengthened and the Root Chakra opens. The Ajna Center (Third Eye) is also expanded.
The “Fire” of the Kundalini awakens and the Light Channel gently opens. “. Kundalini Energy reaches the Solar Plexus Chakra in preparation for level 3.
There’s a meditation that increases the power of the Kundalini Flame, freeing all energy channels in its path. Once the energy systems have been awakened, a complete cleansing can take place.

Level 3

The Throat, Solar Plexus, Heart and Root Chakras will be strengthened and energy amplified. As the Sacred Fire of the Kundalini is amplified, it rises more intensely and overtakes the Crown Chakra. So there is a full rise of Kundalini.
The Reiki Kundalini Master initiation includes 7 other initiations
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By Ole Gabrielsen

English manual or 3 French manuals

You receive 3 main initiations + 7 initiations included in level 3 and manuals. Certificates on request.