Reiki Lahochi



The “La” in LaHoChi refers to the light, love and wisdom coming from the frequencies of Christ. Ho” refers to the movement of this energy, and “Chi” is the life force. This energy has a very high healing frequency and can be used to heal the earth, humans, animals and plants.

Anyone can learn this simple hands-on healing technique. It’s by practicing and opening your own channels that you’ll become more and more proficient. One characteristic of LaHoChi is that the LaHoChi Master maintains a “Seal of Protection” around both healer and receiver. It counteracts vibratory disturbances and protects the healer from negative energies released during healing. As with other vibrational healing methods, both healer and recipient receive a healing treatment during the LaHoChi session. Self-treatment is also possible.

LaHoChi healing energy has infinite virtues. It repairs breaches in the energy field, balances the circulation of cranial fluid in the brain, opens the body’s 21 energy centers and blockages in the subtle bodies, cleanses the chakras, expands the energy field, activates the light body, accelerates healing and spiritual gifts and much more!


By Elizabeth Chandler

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You will receive an introduction and a manual.

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