Relax! empowerment – Anti-stress energy for people in a hurry



This Reiki is designed for people who know how to channel and is in 4 levels.

This energy allows you to release stress easily, whatever the situation.

The biggest Reiki stress relievers can easily make a lot of things go away, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied because when you work a lot you have little time.

In situations of great stress, it’s rare to be able to take a good 15 minutes to meditate, as most Reiki practitioners require.

It’s also hard to leave in the middle of a scuffle or tense discussion.

This Reiki will work easily in any situation, and will release the happiest shakti or guiding energies you have in order to decompress after the release.

It’s easy to stay calm when faced with something planned, but when faced with the unexpected we all have an obvious potential for stress. It’s perfectly normal to think big, so I’ve associated stress relief for the soul with stress relief for the subconscious.

For coffee-drinkers, it works deep down so that your stress doesn’t become overwhelming with caffeine and prevent your heart from Being free.

Highly creative, this shakti also easily lifts anxieties and blues linked to recurring stress and lack of strength, rescuing you in 2 minutes if need be and even freeing you from deep recurring anguish.

Many people wonder how to deal with stress. It seems hard to admit that even the most knowledgeable people can still get upset under stress, and the fear of reacting badly becomes distressing.

This empowerment or power will get the better of the bigger guy. Far from being easy to assimilate, this energy work requires gentleness and clarity during the learning process. It is suitable for all ages, but adult age is required to learn it It is in 4 levels

The first level will enable you to calm stress when it appears as an emergency. You can maintain reduced but persistent activity throughout the treatment. Just avoid overtaking too much or stepping on the gas too much!

The second level allows energy to be released without even noticing when stress appears. Freely, your subconscious learns to protect its energy from the violence of stress. In the event of a shock, he will do his best to help you as often as possible.

But don’t overindulge in coffee or other stimulating drugs!

The third degree is used to release strong emotions when anguish is also present. It frees up the mechanical structures of anxiety and prevents the person affected from jump-starting on anxieties and the like.

The fourth degree prevents the subconscious from bringing stress into its usual landscape so as not to be invaded. It will send away any opposing energy trying to force its way in, and unlock the energy as it enters your subtle bodies. The stress will be kept further away from your kundalini so that it can be isolated for the time it takes to eliminate it? Finally, if you are a Reiki master or equivalent, you can retransmit the system to others.