Releasing the Iron Grip of the Past


To help you let go of what still holds you back in past patterns and prevents you from making the right decisions.


“The past can hold you in an Iron Fist that won’t let you get out. This can leave you unable to make the right decisions and function effectively. As a result, not only are you going nowhere, but you’re also keeping those around you in a negative energy from which neither you nor they can escape. It keeps you stuck, struggling ever harder but going nowhere. It’s almost like a form of addiction, since you can’t stop repeating the same actions over and over again. And the harder you try, the more the Iron Hand closes in on you and those you love.

The energy of this system helps you to release this Iron Hand so that you can make the necessary positive changes for a better energy and life path that bring happiness. This system guides you through the stages of releasing the Iron Hand in your life and the energies will help you authorize healing and change.”

By Linda Colibert

English manual

You will receive an introduction and a manual.