Sacred Feminine Reiki



When a woman does something from the heart, the love generated is so powerful that most men respect her. Not for its attractiveness, but for the quality of the energy it produces.

But many women have lost their faith.

Reality seems lost, words hurt, fear returns, lack acts, and the feminine, diverted from its deep source, weakens.

Women don’t always have the strength to relive the feminine of yesteryear, to unlock the energies that struggled before perishing within them. There are women whose spirit is happy to give without return, and whose soul doesn’t want to resolve itself to the altruism present in this situation? Out of suffering, belief or the loss of important life choices. The source no longer protects them, and they don’t feel the love inside them as they used to. This reiki is designed to restore courage – the manifestation of love at its core – and strength to those whose fight against duality is not over, and whose faith has weakened.

It is in 2 levels and requires no prerequisites – other than willingness.

The first level treats the kundalini and psychic energy next, to release the impulses that cloud the higher consciousness in the person’s energy, and unlocks insufficient anchors to release shocks, traumas and other suffering so that they can be healed through love, but also so that the energies can no longer reach the heart and soul without having understood the purpose of the experience associated with the event. In order to live at peace with the soul, new energies of understanding of existence accompany this teaching for better healing.

The second level will open up the traumas that prevent deep resilience and release emotional shocks, disrespect and heart problems to protect the soul and spirit from violence, doubts, fears and other dual energies. There are few women who can achieve all this in a lifetime. Anchoring is reviewed, unblocked if necessary, and the forces of life rise up to bring new courage and joy to the feminine to be healed. Women who have lived through the tragedies will remember the things of the past in peace, without having to relive the shocks in the future, and will open their hearts to those who respect them, allowing them the right to love for the sake of loving, without calculation, out of happiness, releasing the anchors of fear of giving without return for a better spirit of love and peace and without stress. The power of the healer in each of us can be unlocked in this teaching. You don’t have to be a woman to enjoy it. Piping cost 60€ – contact me for guided price quote