Sacred Flames Reiki – Reiki des Flammes Sacrées


To help rid oneself of negative energies and heal and maintain balance in body, mind and spirit.


“No symbols with this system, but it’s done through visualizations and guided meditations that can help the body, mind and spirit to heal and maintain a good physical and energetic balance. This system works with any other energy processing system or can be used on its own.

Fire grants us gifts on the physical plane, including protection, nutrition and light. On a metaphysical level, it is used to protect against negative energies. Shamanism sees its attributes as strength, protection, purification and faith. Fire heightens our awareness and encourages our desire to grow, feeding our spiritual hunger. Fire provides us with a spiritual light that helps us make our soul’s path visible.

The seven sacred flames of this Reiki work with the Seven Chohans (Ascended Masters) and four Archangels who are all waiting for our request for help to raise the vibratory level of humanity.”

By Allison Dahlhaus
61-page English manual