School Reiki – School Reiki


For learning disabilities, attention deficits and “dys” disorders


This Reiki is for anyone who has had or is having problems with learning and studying, at work or at school.

But it’s also for caring, respectful educators who want to go further in their understanding of the human being.

Faced with an effort required on a societal level, to evaluate the chance that the pupil gives himself in his own life in his attitude to school. Help them get back on their feet when they fail, without violence or malice.

Whether you are yourself or a child: distracted, bored by lessons, suffering at school, with learning difficulties or dysfunction, this Reiki can provide lasting relief by using it whenever necessary, or by sending it, for example, to the pupil in difficulty whom you wish to help.

Most Reiki treatments generate better attention, but don’t deal with the sensory parameters caused by boredom, incomprehension and lack of ego linked to an imposed situation, where you’re not free, for example, to go out and get some fresh air for 5 minutes. Going to the toilet is sometimes forbidden…

In 4 levels and 5 symbols, use these tools to overcome learning-related problems.

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