Seichim Violet – Purple Seichim


Increase courage and resilience for life’s toughest challenges


This initiation is designed for Reiki masters who wish to heal heavy suffering and increase someone’s resilience.

This Seichim is designed for people who have suffered hard knocks in life. For those who need to get back on their feet. And this despite heavy traumas or particularly painful experiences.

We call ourselves Seichim l’énergie universelle or Reiki, a name derived from the Egyptian Sekhem, meaning “divine power”.

This Seichim, or power, is linked to self-love, which can overcome any harmful, dual ego to finally achieve peace of mind, body and soul.

People in a state of shock can’t wind up the energy. The future dramas to be expected are numerous, the mass of things to do to stay alive sometimes seems mind-boggling, and the pain inevitable.

Living such a choice is hard, and requires a lot of peace, love and strength.

The choice of energy is real, and in any ordeal you have to choose your way of seeing things and taking charge of them. Sometimes the solution is obvious, sometimes not.

Happiness is always possible, despite what we think is finished. In the face of such tragedies, rediscovering faith is job number one.

Doubts abound, and yet life is still here, with many choices to be made for ourselves and others.

Living with courage, love, gentleness, peace and joy is really possible thanks to this strong, gentle, powerful and ever-growing energy.

Keep the image you want to have of this stage of life. Then evolve and feel the peace of your heart and soul. You won’t have gone through all this for nothing.


This Reiki is in 5 levels:

The1st level identifies the main problem related to suffering. We struggle to admit when the job is just to let go.

Sometimes it takes days and days for a minimal acceptance.

Find peace quickly with this level.

The 2nd level opens the doors to self-preservation, listening to one’s own interests, and even accepting one’s own harmful and dangerous attitudes towards oneself and others.

It helps to put violent issues into perspective and guides us towards an effective life choice.

The 3rd level embellishes the experience by opening up energy capacities and enabling the passage of energies of simplicity and awakening around one’s state and path.

It takes into account the people close to us. And the need for the love necessary for the energy work involved in building a new resilience.

The 4th level maintains the energy of work around the event and makes it even more powerful, appropriating space, developing physical and mental faculties, and calming stress and pain.

The 5th level opens the kundalini and releases violent energies not linked to divine power.

It opens the 3rd eye of those who need vision for the future.

It implants confidence, awakening and strength in you through your action on yourself. And finally, it helps you live your energy choices and overcome adversity.




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